Coming Up

From the end of October 2012 to the end of March 2013 I am taking a world trip with my wife and 2 kids. Trading will continue, as will, but the family adventure will be the priority. We’ll see how things unfold on the journey, but largely I expect to condense my analysis and trading into a couple of hours in the morning and switch off the rest of the day. This fits my trading style, which is medium term, most days no active trading, just monitoring developments. However, if there is a period of drama, in which timely trading and more detailed analysis is critical, then I will switch focus from the holiday to the markets. Rest assured, if there are any important developments (in my opinion), I will comment on the site.

Fresh research into potential market phenomena, which earlier in the year I said I would address this coming winter, is postponed due to the trip. However, I am currently working on a series of posts in which I lay out more detailed and more in-depth forecast and analysis looking out to 2013, and intend to publish those in the coming days, so watch this space.

I have updated all models this morning. Here is the updated US inflation and solar cycles chart incorporating Shadowstats data.


16 thoughts on “Coming Up

  1. Safe travelling John, have a fantastic time. Really appreciate the work you’ve already put into this website. Enjoy some well earned rest

  2. Nice trip, John, you and your family are very lucky, indeed.

    My idea for the cycle says that 2007 peak was the real one, before, 1950, before 1920, and 2008. Next: 2035-40.

    US Dollar up against EUR until 2014-15.

    Do you follow the CRB index?

  3. Yes, safe, interesting, and fun travels to you and your family!

    I certainly will continue to check in here regularly. You’ve got one of the the best sites on the web!

  4. John, I wish you the very best on your travels. Time with the family and time spent travelling are never wasted! (Some things, such as these, cannot be taxed or appropriated and have lasting value.)
    I genuinely admire the way you can separate yourself from the crowd, study and come to your conclusions, while ‘keeping a weather eye open’. Your ability to be correct over the years has overcome my natural scepticism!
    Thank you again for sharing your hard work. We look forward to you returning enriched with new experiences!

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