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A quick update. A reversal of a reversal yesterday in pro-risk, so let’s see if we now get a further reversal to increase the picture of a topping process, or whether we can reach higher into next week. The geomagnetic disturbance ended and no follow up is expected. II sentiment moved a little more bullish but still more neutral than extreme, whereas AAII sentiment dropped from the bullish extreme. Economic Surprises advanced again, both for the US and Major Economies. Greek CDSs have flared again, as we approach the debt payment deadline without a resolution, but optimism for progress has increased overnight. The Natural Gas price got a lift yesterday on declining inventories, and shows some evidence of a bottoming pattern. However, stocks remain excessive compared to historic ranges.

OK, I have compiled a list of my top 10 current sites that I draw upon for trading. It’s not definitive – I view and rate others too – and it’s not in any order. It’s also a fluid list – slightly different to this time last year and most likely tweaked again by this time next year. But it takes time to filter who is consitently reliable and who offers genuinely useful tools, so I share mine here, and hope that you’ll add in the comments below your own unmissables.


9 thoughts on “Top 10 Sites

  1. Yes I’ve spent time at all those sites. Traders Narrative was one of my favourites until he abandoned. Shame.

    1. Thanks Peggy. Just been having a look back through Planetforecaster (Caldaro’s site I know) to see how the calls fared against the actuals. It’s not totally grabbing me, but all his dates are laid out and I’m going to look in for a while and see – thanks.

  2. There are different forecasting/trading approaches to Cowan’s theories – it’s a work in progress. That site is the only place I’ve found someone working on it (besides me). Venus helio and geo hits to the “Great Pentagon” (based on NYSE natal) are usually cits. The stronger of these are the ones that hit the nyse pentagon points or midpoints – this month those are 2/5, 2/27-28. Mars geo hits as well on 2/22. There are “fixed” dates as well – March 4th being the next one.

  3. Caldaro, Ian Woodward, John Hampson, Jeffery Saut,, “The Chart Pattern Trader”, as well as my own multi-cyclic system and my indicator system, which two latter I haven’t decided to publish yet, mostly because of my own time limitations amid ongoing research.

    Thanks to John Hampson for his list of ten top sites, which I will check out more thoroughly in the coming days (especially Zeal)!

    Dr. phil. Lorenz Funderburk (locan.BBS)

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