Welcome to solarcycles.net, formerly amalgamator.co.uk

At the side of your screen are the following pages:

About – My new contact details, together with a synopsis of how a wide range of trading and economic disciplines are second level manifestations of the same underlying solar phenomena.

Short and Medium Term Models – Geomagnetism and Lunar Phase models, now incorporating the R/J commodities index, in near term and medium term views.

Long Term Models and Peak v. Peak – New longer term models showing Sunspots, Geomagnetism and Lunar Phase versus stock and commodity indices, and comparing the last secular peak (stocks) with the current (commodities).

Ultra Long Term Models – Correlations between solar cycles and secular asset cycles, inflation and recessions.

Timetables – Roadmap to 2050, Syncronization of human cycles with natural cycles, and Combined Financial, Economic and Solar cycle timetable.

I will cover the charts in more detail in the weeks ahead as part of my regular market commentary, which will be hosted on this home page. I will also notify on this page of my regular model updates.

New functionality compared to Amalgamator includes social network sharing, following by email, a site search, and public comment and discussion, rather than privately to me alone. I will determine comment moderation controls according to quality.

For now I will continue to provide all content free of charge, free from ads and free of affiliate links. If you enjoy my site, keep spreading the word, thanks.



17 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello,
    Congrats to new website! But, this site with black background and white text is almost impossible to find ok. Can you try some other layout??? I am very interested in cycles, sun activity, sunspots, amateur radio, stocks. So I hope you can make some changes so I can enjoy your good work.

  2. John,

    I wish you continued success with the new website. Your insights and trading calls over the past year have been spot-on during a particularly turbulent period. And they are generated by an approach that is thought-provoking and often contrary to purveyors of more conventional thinking. Most important, it works.

    I look forward to reading your investment commentary and studies to help in my own trading – thanks for your generosity in sharing.

  3. Thanks for the comments all. I’d like to know if anyone else is struggling with the colour tones like Herbert.

    1. I was very glad you provided the link to your new site.
      Yes, this background and color is difficult to read.

      Thanks for all the information and research you provide!

    2. Thank you for your website and for your hard work! You cannot find many people like you now days. Good luck and I hope this year will be better than ever!

  4. Amalgamator is a daily read for me and is a great help to me in my trading. Congratulations on your new site, SolarCycles. Thanks for your thoughtful insight and for your generosity.

  5. Hi John,

    Your research is top notch. Since discovering your amalgamator site a couple months ago, it’s been a daily read for me.

    As far as readability goes, I do find the black background a little harder to read than a white background. Seems like black backgrounds need to have the font a little bolder to make it clear. Or just switch to white background.

    Good luck with the new site!

  6. Hi John,

    When I read “the end of Amalgamator”, I had a nasty dose of adrenalin – what? why? But, thank goodness, here you are safe and sound!

    Amalgamator and your previous postings have been excellent – thought provoking, educational and broadening, backed up by your calls being so prescient.

    Thank you for sharing your excellent research and best of luck (“its not luck!”) with the site.

  7. Hello John,
    Wish you all the best with your new site . I have being following your posts for about 6 months and i am very impressed. I have only being trading for the same length of time and a hit a few bumps along the road but your information is getting me back on track. Wish you all the best

  8. read commander Williams book years ago and became confused on how to use it. You have put the solar cycles together well. Keep up the good work. I also send out some free market commentary under SHAME ON YOU FEDERAL RESERVE!!!
    Will add you to it as I would like your feedback. Thanks in advance.

  9. John,
    Thanks for sharing your research, insights and trading calls, your site has become one I follow daily.

    Market analysis and trading are a hobby, my day job is building web interfaces. So I thought I’d give my input on the theme for solarcycles.net. For the most part white text on dark backgrounds, especially when dealing with large amounts, is not regarded as ideal for readability because of its high contrast. If you want a dark color theme, perhaps one that has the main content areas presented on a lighter background, though not necessarily white.

    Though I’ll still visit it for your take on things.


  10. Absolutely love your work.
    Just recently have read your past market commentaries. Pretty brilliant, John.

    Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the great comments everyone.

    I think I have enough feedback to consider changing the colour/theme, so leave that with me.

    FYI, comment moderation is set so that I approve your first post only. After that you are free to comment and discuss instantly.

  12. Hi John

    GL with the new site. I’m sure the content will continue to live up to the high standards you set with Amalgamator.

    Wishing you all the best.


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