Welcome to solarcycles.net, formerly amalgamator.co.uk

At the side of your screen are the following pages:

About – My new contact details, together with a synopsis of how a wide range of trading and economic disciplines are second level manifestations of the same underlying solar phenomena.

Short and Medium Term Models – Geomagnetism and Lunar Phase models, now incorporating the R/J commodities index, in near term and medium term views.

Long Term Models and Peak v. Peak – New longer term models showing Sunspots, Geomagnetism and Lunar Phase versus stock and commodity indices, and comparing the last secular peak (stocks) with the current (commodities).

Ultra Long Term Models – Correlations between solar cycles and secular asset cycles, inflation and recessions.

Timetables – Roadmap to 2050, Syncronization of human cycles with natural cycles, and Combined Financial, Economic and Solar cycle timetable.

I will cover the charts in more detail in the weeks ahead as part of my regular market commentary, which will be hosted on this home page. I will also notify on this page of my regular model updates.

New functionality compared to Amalgamator includes social network sharing, following by email, a site search, and public comment and discussion, rather than privately to me alone. I will determine comment moderation controls according to quality.

For now I will continue to provide all content free of charge, free from ads and free of affiliate links. If you enjoy my site, keep spreading the word, thanks.